– Official Hardee’s® Carl’s Jr.® Customer Survey

TellHappyStar Customer Survey: The Hardees and Carl’s Jr. ( is one of the most popular restaurants visited by food lovers along with their friends and families. The restaurant has its wonderful menu with burgers, buns, fries, and many such things which are loved by people of all age groups. So you just need to make a visit to the wonderful restaurant of Hardees and Carl’s Jr.

TellHappyStar Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have visited the restaurant in the past two weeks then your joy of visit is going to double up and the main reason for it is the online customer feedback survey which will give you huge discounts and offers. You just need the purchase receipt to participate in the survey. The receipt consists of the validation code which you need to enter while taking part in the TellHappyStar survey.

Next, you just have to share your opinion regarding the overall experience at the restaurant like the quality of food, customer service, outlet ambiance, cleanliness, and so on. Lastly, you become eligible for a surprise and you can use the coupon on your next visit and enjoy discounts on your food.

welcome to Tellhappystar Customer Satisfaction Survey

Happy and satisfied customers are among the most important reason for a growing and successful business. The Hardees and Carl Jr. have come up with the TellHappyStar survey to know that the customers are delighted with the services and also the products. By taking part in the survey you are assisting the business and as a bonus, you will receive the validation and that validation code will help you to redeem the offer and win prizes. The validation code can be used only once. - Official United States Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Rules and regulations to participate in the TellHappyStar survey – Official Official Hardee’s® Carl’s Jr.® Customer Survey

There are some rules and regulations that must be followed and taken care of while participating in the survey. All the rules and regulations have been clearly mentioned below. You just need to go below and see all the rules and regulations and strictly follow them.

  1. The first thing is that you must have citizenship in the United States.
  2. At the time of taking the survey, you must be 18 years or above age.
  3. The receipt can be used only once and with the receipt, you can take the survey and win a prize only at once.
  4. The person participating must know either English or Spanish language.
  5. The staff members, officers, directors, or the family members of any employee at the shop are not allowed to take part in the TellHappyStar survey.
  6. You must take the survey from the 2 weeks of the receipt issued.
  7. You can use your coupon within 30 days of taking the survey.
  8. The offer may vary it’s not that you will receive money or win big prizes.

Requirements to participate in the TellHappyStar survey

tellhappystar official survey

While participating in the TellHappyStar survey you need to satisfy some of the requirements. If you have all the things mentioned below then your participating becomes quite easy.

  1. TellHappyStar receipt

Before participating in the TellHappyStar receipt survey, you need to have the receipt from the shop from your latest visit. You will be able to find the survey code and you will need it while you participate in the survey.

  1. A computer or mobile and an internet connection.

For participating in the survey you will need a computer or a mobile device and a strong internet connection to go to the website of Tellhappystar.

  1. Familiar with the language.

The page by default comes with the Spanish language and if you can understand the language then you can switch the language to English. You must know either English or Spanish language.

How to participate in the TellHappyStar survey?

If you want to participate in the TellHappyStar survey then you are at the perfectly correct place. Here we have an easy step by step by step guide for you that will help you to participate in the Tellhappystar survey. All the steps have been clearly explained so that you don’t find any difficulty while participating in the survey.

  • Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to go to the survey website
  • Step 2: You will be able to see a welcome page that requires you to enter the number of information the data fields. The information you need to enter is the store number, the date of the visit to the restaurant, the time that is printed on your receipt. You can find each of these in the images. You will also have to make a verification that you are above 18 years of age.
  • Step 3: On this page, you will be able to review the privacy policy and the rules of sweepstakes. You can also change the language settings to Spanish if you are ok with it. Once you are ready to move forward then click on start.
  • Step 4: The next thing you need to do is to read the disclaimer for the sweepstakes and you can move on to the next page.
  • Step 5: On the next page you need to select the type of visit and order. Now mention your satisfaction with the different elements of the restaurants like cleanliness, variety, taste, and portion size.
  • Step 6: Next, mention if you have faced any trouble and then you can describe your trouble in your own words.
  • Step 7: Next, you also need to mention the return and referral based on the visit. You can also explain your answer in detail.
  • Step 8: Now, you need to select the food items that you have ordered for yourself.
  • Step 9: You also need to count the number of visits you have made to the place in a month.
  • Step 10: Now, you also need to answer the clarification question.


I hope that we were able to provide you all the information that you were looking for about the TellHappyStar survey. This survey can be completed within a few minutes and it will help the company to make better changes and serve the customers more efficiently and enhance the quality of food.

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